Monday, October 18, 2010

Some days I just want to be held...

Some days I just want to be held. Is that so bad?

Last night I just wanted to crawl up onto my daddy’s lap and have him put his arms around me and rock me to sleep. I know I am 29, and I don’t fit in the rocking chair with him anymore, but still...

Yesterday morning I found out via text message that one of my friends of many years had passed away. First it was a shock. Then the tears came. And then a phone call with her sister revealed the truth. It wasn’t a car wreck or a heart attack ora anything accidental. She had overdosed.

I don’t know what is worse; someone who takes another's life away, or one who takes his own life. But either way, the person is gone. I just don’t understand. Please, someone…just wrap me into your arms and hold me until it’s better. Dear life…I really need a hug.

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